Thursday, 28 February 2008

Computer power

The hair could fill the entire head more- you can still see her skin under the hair at the moment. I've done it like this though so the computer doesn't have to render as many hairs which slows down render time a lot. This animation is going to take ages to render as it is.

Girl update:

Been looking all round to find out why I can't create hair. Some tutorials and forums said that I need to create lines using the curve tool and attach them to a nurbs which is then placed within the head and from there I can attach hair folicles to the attached lines. Really teadious work and adds to the render time but is looking ok i think.

Also I made some more changes to the body and face to make her look more young and real- bigger eyes etc.

Renders of almost finished model

The top render is using Maya and the bottom two are using Vue 5. I'm still learning how to import animation into Vue 5 but i've figured out importing models with textures. I'll work on creating a better environment later though just in case the animation doesn't work at all with Vue 5.

update: more screenshots

Making the gorilla

I reworked some of the other model i made to make some parts for the gorilla. Shhhh!

Gorilla in the making:


Gorilla character is going well, need to texture it and animate it- then thats done and i'm having touble texturing the girl- with the help of Dan I managed to get a basic texture setup but then Maya crashed shortly after. It seems to crash everytime the girl has a texture on her.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

creating other parts

update on work. Still have the save problem

Some model shots of the gorilla character. I'm trying to place enphisis on the waist and sholders to help create a powerful stance.


This has happened a few times while making this character. I save at regular points but recently i've been going back, and back and back all because of this random error. I save it, open it and it opens up all screwy like it does above. This problem really is bugging me and slowing me down.

a shortcut

it'll be great to use the girl legs for my Gorilla model as well so i'll use the subdiv tool to allow me to easily change the form for later.

creating foot and leg

Joan Of Arc

A lot of people seem to be using the 'Joan of Arc' tutorial as reference for creating their character. It's a 88mb PDF which goes though the stages of creating a character in Maya. It's been very useful for maya techniques.

Girl Model

I knew i'ld find some suspect stuff if i typed this into Google. Anyways, here's what I found which I guess is helping me for creating the facial features of the girl.

New Router

The new internet router has arrived so that means no crappy ad-hoc networking for internet :) (yay)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

all going well so far. I've started on the Gorilla and the girls body model is looking fine so far. The face is looking rather odd though- there is a clear line between the face and rest of the head which I can't figure out how to clear.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

girl model

Head model is going well but slowly. Maya likes to make it hard to delete edges and faces and duplicate some faces to make things harder.

Sorry Mr Blog

Internet here at home is not very good. Every now and then it disconnects itself and won't connect again. Virgin Broadband is good value for internet my ass.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Character Designs

Some characters I made to get ideas related with rendering.

some research on some good character designs and what they looked like in 2D as opposed to 3D
some more character develpment i've done but for the small girl with lots of different expressions to help me decide on a face.

I've been using the turorials on Moodle to brush up om my maya skills.

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