Monday, 5 November 2007

Street Renders

The background needs to have lots of buildings in the background randomly placed to make it look like distant buildings. However copying 100 buildings in Maya takes loads of time and then the buildings have to be roated and placed randomly to make it match the random building positions of an old village.

By creating a simple untextured house it'll be easier to place lots of them in a render and populate them onto a flat surface in Vue. Me and Chris created a texture from a photo I took last year. When this is layered with a simple brick texture and blended we get a decent looking texture for the houses. Changing how much influence each texture has changes the overall look of the texture so we can make Jakes house model look slightly different.

I've added models created by the whole group in this scene. The camera starts up high showing the whole village including buildings in the far distance, the outline of smoke towers can be seen contrasting with the village closer to the camera.

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