Friday, 7 March 2008

Looking back on my work- problems

Looking back on what I've got completed I'm happy with it. From the project I've learnt that I work best as a group as there is always more support when you need it- rather than waiting for classes to get help. I’ve run into a lot of strange problems but with help from my teachers and mates I’ve managed to fix them or work around them.

One problem I was having was that when I re-opened my saved files they would open highly mutated versions of my models- Maya document files ‘Girl 6-13’ saved as normal but when I opened them later they were all corrupt so I had to start over from editing the 14th version of the girl to the 5th version of the girl I had which wasted lots of time. I found the reason why Maya corrupted them is because I had deleted the subdiv of the girls leg which only showed the result of deleting it after the file had been saved and reloaded, so you could delete the subdiv at any time and only realise that deleting it corrupts the entire model after you close Maya and re-open it- a very annoying bug.

Some other problems required me to do workarounds as it would take too long to fix them. The gorilla character I made wouldn’t let me paint more weights because of an unknown part in the history- deleting ‘all by type> history’ fixed it so I could paint weights but also removed lots of polygon faces and so I couldn’t fix it as I was already too far into my project- If I fixed it and created all the missing faces again I probably wouldn’t have finished the project (some 3 hours) before hand-in time.

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